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Dominas ... In addition to so-called dungeon, dungeon-like rooms with expanded benches, cages, hoists, slings and Andrew's crosses, rooms for the Clinic are widely verbreitetauf Ibiza. In these premises in Ibiza, among other medically-oriented role-playing games are held, in which, for example, dilators, cannulae, gynecology chairs and enemas are used by the dominatrix.

Today's femdom - Studios generally have an aligned on the interiors to customers in which they can realize their fantasies in Ibiza, and are connected either separate facilities or to brothels in Ibiza. Sometimes even professional submissive and / or masochistic women are in the Domina Studios for role playing three or booked for dominant-sadistic men; they are often referred to as Sklavia or maid of the dominatrix.

In addition to these often very elaborately designed premises predominantly sadomasochistic sex toys and accessories are on Ibiza at the Domina available. Besides whips, penis cages, whips, clamps and dildos can also be found on Ibiza garments for role playing with the domina as uniforms, masks, latex and leather clothes and utensils for feminization.

So who here has its inclination, will certainly find what they need. Also in the Balearic Islands should be able to pursue his fetish.

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