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Telefon: 617 911 341

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25 - 30
175 cm

Sprachen englisch, spanisch, portugisisch
Erreichbarkeit Besuchbar, Haus- Hotelbesuche
Arbeitszeiten 24h


Horny, for those who do not know me, I'm Nina Divine! I am Trans gorgeous, though I warn you that beauty is not my only virtue! You find a beautiful blonde, you'll have a nice girl, outgoing, friendly and smart! I like my job and I enjoy them a date with me will always be special for both me and for you! I treat my kids a personal and special, I easily adapted to your tastes and fantasies, I am a very modern Trans enjoying the side and I love good sex and watch my boys trembling with pleasure in my arms! I propose that you come to know my talents: start with an exquisite erotic game, a good wetback, hot french, 69 mutual penetrations! Use and abuse of my body outlined vice, adorned with tattoos sexy and morbid, letting your imagination fly sex! I am an expert in beginner, is that many children are eager but too many doubts and fears! I will leave you calm and comfortable to test the unknown wonders for you! I will try with great attention and care! I tell you I am an expert, because 99% are positive experiences with newbies! Relax and gozeeee! I also do exchange services roles, I have wigs, fine lingeries, stockings, heels, thongs, bras! Everything you need for you! Also I have one other face: I can be your Bad Blonde and Wicked, to look strong and tough, dominant! I offer a service of high quality Sado! I have everything you want, I have an array of devices in my house as whip, whips, restraints, clamps, Chinese balls, dildos of all sizes and colors, chains, handcuffs, gags, masks ... a myriad of things! Just ask the service you want and the level you want: golden shower, stool, humiliation, pain, fust fucking, expansion, domination, torture! I attend in my private apartment, comfortable and discreet location and easy parking! We can see a porn film to warm up and enjoy a quiet drink! www.ninaladivina.com My Services: Outcalls 24 hrs. Domination Slaves Sado Light Threesome 69 Oral Sex Positions Toys and Dildos VISA AND MASTERCARD


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